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I am currently reading a few books that I hope will help me in my endeavors online. Three books, you ask? Yep! you read correctly…three books. I find it easier to finish books if I switch back and forth and therefore get more usable information in a shorter amount of time?. I know it sounds really strange, but that’s how my brain works, and all you need to know is what I have gained from reading these helpful books.

“Blog Wild! A guide for small business blogging” by Andy Wibbels is the first book I will quickly summarize. Although this book is mostly geared toward the new blogger, I still had something to learn from Wibbels. His easy to read style makes getting through this book a breeze. It’s a small book and has very short chapters for those of  you who have SHORT attention spans, I would have to include myself in this category. The Chapters are 2 to 8 pages long, so if you don’t have a lot of time, you can get through a couple of chapters in no time.

Blog Wild

Wibbels covers everything from “What is a blog?” to “Promoting your blog” and further. This is a great little book to add to your collection and to the collective memory!

The next book will be featured in my following blog post. Happy reading!



  1. onawhimsey Said:

    Definitely sounds interesting! Especially since the information sounds like it has been presented in bite size pieces.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. cara Said:

    oic. Your blog puts the comments at the top of the entry. Most of the blogs I follow put comments at the bottom, including mine.

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