Leaving Comments on a Blog

So why is that my blog has 191 visits(at the time of this posting) and not nearly that many comments? What draws people to blogs anyway? Do they read the full article and then go on their merry way, or do they really sit and ponder about that which was read?

I’m terrible at leaving comments on blogs. You know, it’s not that the article/post wasn’t interesting, I just forget to do it. Yes, I forget to leave comments, I would say 90% of the time. But don’t you read my blog and forget! (that was supposed to be funny)

Some people feel compelled to leave comments out of respect and acknowledgement. Some leave comments to let the owner know they were there and document their involvement with the blog at hand. Others leave comments that encourage the owner to plug on with these interesting posts, and still others must leave comments to argue their side or make a point.

All that aside, as a blog owner I search for new comments daily. The views increase, but the comments don’t. Maybe you’re too nice and can’t think of anything nice to say? (you should laugh here) or maybe you’re really cranky and just say to hell with it and leave after reading. Whatever the reason you leave comments or not, remember this is a good place to plug your blog, if you are an artist or craftsperson-to leave your advertising for your goods.

I promise to leave comments on blogs I read this week, no matter how I feel, can you make the same promise?

Please leave comments, I would love to hear from you!!!! (really)



  1. sueokieffe Said:

    i share your frustration from time to time and really like it when people stop to comment on my blog. for myself, i would rather leave worthy words rather than just the typical *great post* *nice work* etc. practically, how i spend my time and where i put my energy becomes a priority, and that includes the quality of my posts. in my heart i believe the people who are reading my blog without commenting are just as important as those who are.
    have faith.

  2. Joni Stinson Said:

    If I take the time to load and read a blog, I usually leave a comment….though not always. But I would never fail to comment on your blog! LOL
    Comments or not…keep blogging my friend!

  3. onawhimsey Said:

    Oh so true! I often love reading other blogs and will leave a comment on what I have just read. If I did not enjoy the blog I would rather not leave a comment than say something that is meaningless. On the other hand, commenting on blogs is a useful tool to get your name seen.

    I must admit, I love getting comments on my blog and get really excited especially if it is from someone I do not know… does that mean the word is getting out there? Who knows!

    Keep blogging no matter what, there wil always be someone (even me!) who will want to read it!!

  4. Judy Nolan Said:

    I think sometimes people do forget to leave comments…and other times they are genuinely reflecting on what’s been written, intend to return, but then forget.

  5. Pearl Said:

    Hey you know I suck at any kind of message leaving but if a smiley face will work I will always leave one so you no I was hear!

  6. Thanks for the “book reviews”. No you are not crazy, I am also one who reads 3-4 books at a time. So I understand your plight. As for reading blogs and comments. I find that if I have taken the time to read someone’s blog, then I can take a few more minutes to let them know that I was there, and I always try to leave positive comments. 🙂

  7. motivart Said:

    I identify with your thought. i have just started blogging and comments make your day.
    Its great knowing somebody out there has taken time to visit and read your blog.Before i
    had my blog i would just read blogs but would feel awkward to comment.Now i realise
    the excitement it gives the writer and I have started commenting on blogs when i visit them.

  8. cara Said:

    I have a space. I share it with the litter box. I spent all of 2007 on a mission to learn one new material, medium, thing each month. Got a lot of stuff.

    I have another outdoor space in the summer for batik, which is messy and has toxic fumes. I share that space with my pet chicken. I pack it up in winter when it rains here.

    I have some sort of spaces in the garage that I share with woodworking tools and weightlifting equipment because my industrial sewing machines are noisy, big, and one has an open oil pan.

    My computer is a laptop that gets put away every night when we use the dinning table to eat.

    So I’m all set for space. What I need is time!

  9. cara Said:

    Now, I dont know what happened. I read an entry about space, left a comment and got this entry about leaving comments on a blog. So I gues I’ll do that. My official comment is that I am confused. That’s not new.

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