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Wildly Blogging

I am currently reading a few books that I hope will help me in my endeavors online. Three books, you ask? Yep! you read correctly…three books. I find it easier to finish books if I switch back and forth and therefore get more usable information in a shorter amount of time?. I know it sounds really strange, but that’s how my brain works, and all you need to know is what I have gained from reading these helpful books.

“Blog Wild! A guide for small business blogging” by Andy Wibbels is the first book I will quickly summarize. Although this book is mostly geared toward the new blogger, I still had something to learn from Wibbels. His easy to read style makes getting through this book a breeze. It’s a small book and has very short chapters for those of  you who have SHORT attention spans, I would have to include myself in this category. The Chapters are 2 to 8 pages long, so if you don’t have a lot of time, you can get through a couple of chapters in no time.

Blog Wild

Wibbels covers everything from “What is a blog?” to “Promoting your blog” and further. This is a great little book to add to your collection and to the collective memory!

The next book will be featured in my following blog post. Happy reading!


Studio or Workspace?

I need to vent, are you ready to read? Ok, here goes…

How I long for a studio, at least that’s what I think I long for. It’s so romantic thinking about working in a space that’s all my own. Ahhh, the thought of being able to spread out, high ceilings, concrete floors, my favorite wing-back chair sitting across the room waiting for me to sit and view my latest piece. To hang my canvas on the wall and paint away (and not having to worry about getting gesso on the curtains or the carpet), sigh. Do you know what I mean?

Right now I crammed into a 6’ x 10’ space (hmmm as big as a cell in a prison) that houses a desk for my computer, printer, monitor, shipping supplies. Two bookcases full of books about art, photography and the like stand side by side next to my desk, and in front of those sits my electric guitar and its amplifier, that I play when I’m bored or uninspired to paint.

workspace 1

art projects and they like all get done.There is a window (thank goodness!), to the side of the window is my easel. Behind the easel on the other side of the room (so to speak) is my work table which houses EVERYTHING I need to do my work with and a “space” to do it in.  When I’m finished with a painting, or need perspective, I have about 2 feet 10 inches to do it in. Under the work table are boxes of frames for shows, storage bins for my work, other things like jars and cups for cleaning my brushes. Next to my table is a night stand that houses all of my brushes, palette knives, charcoal, conte crayons and pastels. Least I forget that above my work table there is a shelf where I keep paint, sketch books, handmade paper, ACEO paper etc. Behind that is the staircase leading to the basement (that’s why it looks like there isn’t a wall behind my equipment). Across from my space is the kitchen in all its glory. The hub of the house where eating, homework,

workspce 2

Now did you need to know all of that? Yes. Because I am outgrowing my “space”. Some of you might be saying, “Well you’re lucky you have a space, I’m stuck in the living room” or “ I’m stuck on the sofa” or “ I’m stuck in my bedroom” etc. Everything is relative, as they say and I am so stuck in this space. I could, IF I wanted to, make a space in the basement (it has no windows, and it’s not a finished basement and it smells kind of musty and it’s dreary down there) I wouldn’t use it. If I had a studio space out of the house, would I go there? Probably not. I’m the type of person that if it’s not in front of me to stimulate and inspire, then it’s not around at all.

Actually there’s no real solution to this situation, but I wanted to air this for you to think about where you work and if it “cramps” your style. Do you go into your workspace and dread being there because you have no room to move? I thought about down-sizing my materials, but like I said…out of sight…So, all of that being said, for now I am staying in my “space” and will continue to expand and grow out of it and complain, but I have done some of my best work in that cramped space and everything I need is there. What would I do without it?

What’s your space like? Is it inspiring or is it a dreaded cramped space? Let me know what you think and what you have to say about your creative zone. I would love to hear from you!

Leaving Comments on a Blog

So why is that my blog has 191 visits(at the time of this posting) and not nearly that many comments? What draws people to blogs anyway? Do they read the full article and then go on their merry way, or do they really sit and ponder about that which was read?

I’m terrible at leaving comments on blogs. You know, it’s not that the article/post wasn’t interesting, I just forget to do it. Yes, I forget to leave comments, I would say 90% of the time. But don’t you read my blog and forget! (that was supposed to be funny)

Some people feel compelled to leave comments out of respect and acknowledgement. Some leave comments to let the owner know they were there and document their involvement with the blog at hand. Others leave comments that encourage the owner to plug on with these interesting posts, and still others must leave comments to argue their side or make a point.

All that aside, as a blog owner I search for new comments daily. The views increase, but the comments don’t. Maybe you’re too nice and can’t think of anything nice to say? (you should laugh here) or maybe you’re really cranky and just say to hell with it and leave after reading. Whatever the reason you leave comments or not, remember this is a good place to plug your blog, if you are an artist or craftsperson-to leave your advertising for your goods.

I promise to leave comments on blogs I read this week, no matter how I feel, can you make the same promise?

Please leave comments, I would love to hear from you!!!! (really)